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Healthcare is one of the most highly regulated industries. The federal and state laws are complex, overlapping, and often difficult to apply to the realities of how healthcare works. There aren't always black and white answers. I can help you navigate your practical situation by analyzing it against the legal framework. This analysis requires not only strategizing, but rigorous risk analysis. Our advantage is understanding the practical implications of those decisions on your healthcare business.

Vanguard Health Law
Nicole Thorn


I’ve been in most of my clients’ shoes… literally. I spent 20 plus years in various healthcare business support roles. While unplanned, I was blessed with many opportunities by various key people who put their trust and confidence in me. 

I started in a cardiologist office when I was 16 and haven’t looked back. I learned all of the facets of healthcare operations from medical offices to med-surg units and revenue cycle to clinical nursing documentation and information technology. 

As a minority interest owner in a medical practice, I realized that not all healthcare attorneys are created equal and thought I could take my knowledge to the legal field.


Healthcare is a business. Most of my clients are physician practices, individual providers and other healthcare businesses. I help clients with regular business issues in healthcare like employment agreements, leases and general corporate matters because healthcare is a business. It just so happens that many typical business issues are overlaid with healthcare laws which makes it unique.


For this reason, I typically function like outside in-house counsel for my clients—meaning they may not be large enough to maintain a full-time in-house attorney, but they have routine operational issues that need to be addressed promptly because they are time-sensitive matters that impact their business. We work together to identify the legal and business issues and then strategize on various resolutions.

- Nicole Thorn

Vanguard Health Law
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